Originally a committee within the Glyndon Community Association, HGI was formally organized in 1972 as an outgrowth of the Glyndon Centennial and to lead the effort to have Glyndon added to the National Register of Historic Places. HGI continues to work ” to preserve and protect Glyndon’s cultural, social, economic and architectural history, as well as to conduct educational and beautification projects which enrich Glyndon’s historical heritage.”

The early organization’s efforts were successful and in 1973 Glyndon was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. At that time the village was also included in the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties. In 1981, the final designation was achieved; Glyndon became Baltimore County’s first Historic District.

2016 HGI Board of Directors

President: Pamela Becker
1st Vice President: Fran Acle
2nd Vice President: Richard Stanley
Treasurer: Paul Crampton
Secretary: CJ August
Immediate Past President: Mary Ellen Porter

Board Members Terms Ending January 2017
Sue Benson
Jayme Hux
Vernene Lenz
Carol Tarleton
Lee Wroe

Board Members Terms Ending January 2018
Nicole Crumpler
John Morris
Leo Ottey
Jamal Robinson

Past Presidents:

Mary Ellen Porter
Kathy Ziese
Meredith Wells
Tamara Baumann
Kim Karlsen
Marti Clements
Chris Profaci

Nan Kaestner
Janet Clinton
Barbara Whitman
Ann O’Neill
Arlen Herb
Jean Wroe
Mickie Wilson

Dottie Hammond
Jack Scheyer
Eleanor Taylor
Bob Tarleton
Dave Beddingfield
Richard Sigler
Joan Mersinger